How to Dress Your Child for Potty Training?


Potty training is one of the major milestones in any child’s development. As your baby grows up very fast, they will soon ditch the diapers/nappies and switch to using the toilets. Potty training is where they will practice this skill. Potty training, like other development stages in your child’s life, won’t be over in one night. Therefore, you need to be prepared and patient to help your baby conquer this challenge. Some of your toddler’s cutest outfits may look gorgeous on them, but they’re not always the best choice for potty training. In fact, some even make things harder. So what’s the best clothing for your children for potty training? Here are some tips to dress your child for Potty Training.

General Rules

Choosing clothes for potty training is based on how comfortable and breathable they will be when practicing using the toilet, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

General rules are to keep your child in loose, easy-to-remove clothing. You should also give them more time to practice dressing and undressing their clothes before using the potty chair. It’s a nice idea to encourage your child to sit on the potty with clothes on, then with clothes off. Doing this will make things less stressful for your kid.

Tips To Dress Your Toddler For Potty Training 

Children clothing for potty training

Forget About Trendy Clothes!

Clothing sets that are meant for outdoor activities are not practical for potty training. This kind of clothes is very fussy to take off and put on afterward. Bottom-wear with zips, buttons, laces, or drawstrings can cause a delay in taking your child to the potty right on time and accidental wetting, which leads to unwanted trouble for both you and your kids. 

Bottoms with stretchy waistbands will be ideal for this training as they are very easy to be removed by your kids. For little girls, you can dress them in skirts or frocks, which is much easier for them if they want to pee or poop suddenly.

Easy Does It

You should let your children wear clothes that can be instantly taken off, dropped to the ankles, and kicked off immediately. If your toddler is wearing heavy clothes, they may not want to take off the clothes and may hold the urge to pee or poop. Controlling urination can lead to some kidney/bladder problems, but the important thing is that your children will wet themselves if they fail to control their urge. 

Less is best

If your kid is in the early stages of potty training, it’s best for them to wear as little clothing as possible for most of the day or a few hours in the morning. This will give them one less thing to mind when they answer nature calls.

Practice and Practice

Normally, toddlers are used to having a little help when dressing. So it’s a good idea to help them practice how to pull down clothes for potty time. Your baby will be more willing to go to the potty or toilet if they feel confident about undressing.

After a few times of potty training, your child may feel more confident and comfortable in wearing underwear. You should add an additional practice time for panties until your child is wearing them all day.

Always Have Backups

Accidents will happen, anywhere and anytime during Potty training. Don’t create a fuss if your child makes a mess, which may result in misbehavior on your child’s part. You should prepare one or two extra outfits and a set of pull-up nappies, especially when you’re outside or take your child for a walk. 

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Potty Training Should Be Done In Warm Weather

In cold weather conditions, children tend to have a multi-layer of clothing, which makes it difficult to remove them when the time comes. In fact, we recommend you let your child practice potty training in warm weather when they don’t have to wear several layers of clothing. Also, having your kid sit on the potty chair or toilet without a single cloth is good for their health during the cold winter days. 

And there you go! Now you have our tips on how to dress your child for potty training. We hope that our tips will help you and your child complete Potty training easier. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments!


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