A guide to Burp Your Baby

Burp your baby

If you are a first-time mother, you may have some trouble while nursing your baby. Your baby may fuss and get cranky during or after feedings. This is often happening due to your baby having gas in their belly. Therefore, you will need to burp your baby to let the gas out. Burping a baby is a quite simple and common skill in parenting. However, not everyone knows how to do it right. Don’t worry, we got you covered. Here is our guide to burp your baby.

Why you need to burp your baby

The main reason for burping your baby is because when they are breastfed or bottle-fed, they not only swallow milk but also an amount of air as well. Your baby’s stomach is much smaller than yours. When containing both milk and gas, it will make your baby’s little stomach full and bloated. As a result, your baby will feel uncomfortable. Burping your baby will be an indispensable step to help their digestive system to work more effectively. As you burp your baby, the excess air in the stomach will be expelled, helping the baby to reduce the condition of fullness, discomfort. Therefore, it will help your baby continue to eat more and ensure their nutrients are needed.

When should you burp your baby

When breastfeeding, you need to hold and burp your baby every time you switch sides or between each nursing session. Babies who bottle-fed are likely to swallow more air than breastfed babies so you should spend more time burping them.  It is recommended that you burp your baby when they are under 6 months of age, especially in the first 3 months. By the time your baby begins to sit, it is easier to push air out of their stomachs. At the same time, the baby’s digestive system will gradually improve and you won’t need to burp your baby

How much time you need to spend to burp your baby is depending on how much air is compressed in their stomach. Usually, experts encourage mothers to burp their babies until they hear burping sounds, and the babies no longer fuss or crying. These signs show that your baby is more comfortable now and ready to eat more.

Positions for burping your baby

The most common postures that help your baby burp easily include:

  • On your shoulder: One hand to support the baby’s neck and back. Then slowly hold them against your shoulder. It should be noted to tilt your baby’s face to the side, making it easier to breathe. Support her bottom with one hand, and pat or rub her back with the other.
  • Tummy time on your lap: Let your baby lie on their tummy across your lap. Their stomach will be on one of your legs, their head will be on the other, turned sideways. Hold your baby carefully and pat or rub their back with the other.
  • Walking: Once your baby has good head control, you can try holding them upright in front of you, facing out, while you stand and walk. Put one hand under her bottom and the other arm across her tummy to apply light pressure. The motion may help give an additional release of any trapped gas
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Here you go, now you have our guide to burp your baby. Do you have any other positions that are effective in burping a baby? Please let us know in the comments!.

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