As the Corona virus pandemic is continuing to spread, working from home is recommended/required to prevent the virus infection. Schools, Playgrounds, Kindergartens are also closed and that means your kids will stay at home with you. You may find it quite frustrating when doing household, taking care of children and working at the same time and hiring a babysitter at this time is not always possible. Don’t worry, Let’s find out 6 hacks that will help you

1. Categorize your works

Managing time is the key to working from home. You should create a schedule that balances your work tasks with home tasks, giving priority to tasks that are more urgent or more time-consuming works. Try to divide your works into smaller categories so it will be easier for you to manage. You should try to finish your works little by little so you will have more time for house chores and taking care of your kids.

2. Make the maximum use of naptime
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The only time your kids will not distract you is when they are sleeping, so instead of scrolling social media or reading books in your children’s naptime, make use of this precious time and finish your pilled work. Some mothers even wake up earlier than their children in the morning to finish some work without distraction


TVs are not always good for kids.  Don’t feel so bad, most of the working from home mother find it is a necessity as balancing the amount of work and child care is hard. Let your kids watch TV setting up screen time with joyful cartoons ( I recommend The Tom and Jerry show, my kids love it) or interesting science programs or educational shows may give you the chance to finish your writing, attend the online meeting or meet your deadline.

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4. Chores and rewards

Kids love rewards and they will enjoy the rewards they earned by hard work. Why don’t you give your kids some house chores to work on and reward them with interesting things? A small game like “Clean your room to get ice cream” or “Who cleans it better get the chicken” will encourage and light up your baby’s spirit in doing house chores This hack will not only reduce your time of doing house chores but also keep your kids away from distracting you so you can finish other works.

5. Share with your partner

Sharing in a family is very important. If your partner also works from home as you, try to talk to him and make alternative “Kid-care-shifts”. You will take care of the kids for a while as your partner works at that period and vice versa. This hack will help both of you to have time for works and strengthen the bonds of your family as well.

6. Talk to your co-workers

Working from home and please the needs of your children at the same time is not easy. As your co-workers may also in the same situation, try to talk to others so you can agree on a better work schedule or share your tips and tricks so everyone will have better choices.

We hope these hacks are useful to you. Let us know if you have used these hacks in the comment and share what do you think about working from home

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