5 Facts About Twins that You May Not Know

Twins and Triplets are getting more common nowadays. In fact, according to the CDC, one in every 30 births will result in twins. If you are having twins, prepare that you will get double in everything than a normal pregnancy. It is no doubt that having twins will bring you wonderful emotions. Here are 5 surprising facts about twins that you may not know

Twins Are Independent Individuals

Having two babies born at the same time with the same appearance as two drops of water does not mean that they will have the same personality. Twins are still different people with different perspectives. Certainly, they will have many things in common, but besides that, there are personal characteristics that make each child an independent individual, different from others, including his or her twin sister. Sometime you may find one child like to be whiny while the other may not. To tell the physical differences between twins has never been easier as they are identical. Competing and comparing stories are inevitable, but parents need to try to encourage them to make their own choices as soon as they reach full age.

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Twins Are Easily To Have the same illness

Twins are often very close to each other, especially when they are still small. This makes it easier for different kinds of illnesses to spread from one baby to the other.  So it is not uncommon for twins to have the same illness at the same time. Therefore, if one child is sick, parents should take measures to isolate the other baby, do not let them sleep and play together until the baby is completely healthy.

You Can Breastfeed your twin babies at the same time

Surely many women will be surprised to read here. Most mothers think this is impossible, but do you remember that each mother has two breasts? However, this takes a bit of practice and a lot of patience. It can be a bit difficult at first for both mother and baby, but when you find the right feeding position with the help of a few pillows, everything will be much easier. This approach not only saves mothers time to breastfeed but also helps bond the affection between the two babies.

You Don’t Need to Double the Gears in Every Case

Taking care of twins surely requires double the care and attention of the parents.  A lot of mothers think that they also need to buy twice as many things when they have twins, which is not always true.  This may be true for diapers, but there are many things that two babies can share with them like a crib, a play mat, a changing table. Twins love to play together on a play mat and like to sleep together in a crib. However, with a stroller or car seat, you will need two. If you don’t want to buy a totally new item, you can ask or buy from relatives and friends to save money. Make sure that you check the quality of the item before using it for the babies.

Twins Will Get A Lot of Attention

Everyone loves multiple babies! No matter if you have twins or triplets, your babies will draw a lot of attention whenever you take them outside. This may make you proud but sometimes it will be annoying. Therefore, you should be prepared to face the compliments, comments, or contacts to your babies from other people. For strangers or just acquaintances, you can let them talk to the kids but don’t allow them to touch, this is simply to protect children from unwanted contact as well as prevent them from getting different diseases.

Happy Twin Girls | Donnie Ray Jones | Flickr

There you go, now you have the 5 surprising facts about twins that you may not know. Do you have any questions? Or do you have any other facts of twins that you want to share? Let us know in the comments!

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