Victoria Doramus Intentions Of Giving Back To Her New York Community


Victoria Doramus graduated from the University of Colorado with a bachelor`s degree of arts degree majoring in Journalism. Before starting to work at the Digital and print media, he has worked with numerous companies like the creative work agency and mindshare among several others. During her time working at these companies, she majored with advertising products, goods and services and in branding. The opportunity to work in the film industry as well and in the television gave her the experience she needed to be able to shine in her venture as she could identify new ways which were equally creative in the analysis of marketing and analyzing trends.


Victoria Doramus is involved in several charity groups and organizations created to help the people of New York. She achieves this by raising awareness which is delivered through the active participation in charity support. There are several platforms she uses to deliver the services. The first one is the Amy Winehouse Foundation. The organization was founded to keep the young from misusing alcohol or other narcotics throughout New York. She intends to give back to New York’s society since she struggled with drugs at a young age herself. She intends to warn the youth on the effects of drugs as well as warning them on the effects of addiction. See This Page for related information.


The second organization is the Women`s Prison Association. She is not the founder of this organization but rather a great supporter of this foundation based in New York. It represents over 4000 women from all over New York imprisoned for committing drugs related crimes or for theft of property. The organization represents a group of women from all over New York who haven’t been given a chance to live normal lives. The main objective of founding this group is educating women while giving them opportunities to live normal lives and avoid getting arrested in the first place. The organization helps the affected women find safe houses where they can cohabit with their kinds and which give them opportunities to fight addiction through giving them access to services related to addiction, mental health and also the general health.


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