Trust Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere With Her Own Beauty Routine To Stay Looking Young and Beautiful

Looking good comes at a cost. In order to stay looking young and beautiful, individuals need to participate in beauty routines that keep them looking good. When it comes to Doe Deere, founder for Lime Crime, she knows how important this is to remain looking young.

Doe will rise out of bed at a early time each morning. She doesn’t use an alarm clock to get up and makes sure that she gets 9 hours of sleep every night. For her, this amount of time is what works for her. While she suggests that others might need more or less depending on their own needs and schedule. When she first gets out of bed, she heads straight to get a glass of water before starting her beauty routine. Keeping your body hydrated is vital to ensuring that your cells are in prime shape.

Keeping up with your body can be hard but one thing that Doe Deere each morning is to stretch. By stretching, you are helping to get your body in shape and to help release tightness in the body. One of the positions that Doe swears by is the camel pose. Once she has stretched, she goes on to eat breakfast. Your body needs breakfast to replenish vitamins and nutrients it burned the day before.

In order to stay on top of business, Doe Deere knows how important it is to stay in touch with those in the office. By using a group chat internally she is able to know what is happening in the office prior to her arrival. One app that she uses most is the Instagram app. By checking her emails periodically and responding when out of the office, she is able to ensure that her business is prospering.

Maintaining your trends can be hard and Doe Deere knows this herself. You must be able to think of new ideas and implement them in order to stay trendy. Doe is very certain of herself when it comes to trends and what looks good, that she uses her own personal knowledge and experience to guide her decision making processes within the Lime Crime business sector.

Using products that you love and trust is what helps to keep people looking their best. If you know a product and know what you can expect from it, you are happier with the outcome. For Doe, she uses the L’Oreal match foundation method to apply a foundation to her face. Before she uses a foundation however, she knows she must use a wash that cleanses her pores from the day and night before. The Glossier face wash is her number one go to item for staying beautiful and young looking.

A good moisturizer is vital for ensuring that your face maintains its elasticity and keeping wrinkles away. If your skin starts to dry up, you will notice it is harder to cover up things and get rid of trouble areas caused from acne. The Murad Hydro-Dynamic Essence is her item of choice for moisturizing.

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