The Work of Sharon Prince and Grace Farms


For years Sharon Prince has made a major impact in the world of business. Prince is the Chair and President of Grace Farms Foundation. Prince takes pride in helping other achieve their best live.


Established in 2009, Grace Farms is focused on helping people improve their lives through faith, community and the arts. Grace Farms prides itself on hosting some of the best names in the art world. They recently had the pleasure of hosting Carrie Mae Weems, one of the country’s all-time great artists. Weems recently performed Past Tense, a well-known musical. This powerful musical has a unique way of shedding light on issues like race, violence and inequalities. Weems uses a variety of methods including song, text and images to create a picture that sticks with the viewer.


Carrie Weems is a great partner for Grace Farms. Although Weems deals with some dark and challenging issues, she has very high hopes and aspirations. Her values are congruent with those of Sharon Falling Grace Farms, a company that focuses its energy on areas of human and wildlife trafficking. Sharon Prince recently spoke on the connection that Weems has with Grace Farms. She believes Weems presence will add a new perspective to the company’s overall mission. Sharon Prince Grace Farms mission is centered around to bringing more grace and peace to the world.


Through her work with Grace Farms, Sharon Prince has made major changes around the world. She has fought to end major world issues including child exploitation, human trafficking, and violence against women on a local. Prince also finds a way to serve on major charities like the Board of Next Generation Nepal. She holds a an MBA from the University of Tulsa.


In an article with Medium, entitled “Exercise Your Voice in Everyday Moments”, Sharon Prince shared that embracing hopeful progress and use our voices in the moment, could create a world of respect and parity. Our voices matter. Collectively, they are our greatest instrument for change in the world.