The Dark Secrets of The Quincy

New Brunswick, NJ has seen more than their fair share of ups and downs in recent years. With crime rates higher than the national average, it has been the subject of many discussions to revitalize the city. In the midst of this is The Quincy, one of the most luxurious and exclusive apartment complexes in not just New Brunswick, but all of New Jersey. Boasting amenities such as a high-end spa, yoga (including both a doggie gym and spa!), rooftop pools, and a coffee bar it gives the aura of something that would be found in high-end Manhattan. In addition, it sits in the middle of the downtown historic district, its large bay windows overlooking the Financial and Arts Districts.


But right beyond view lies a less perfect world, with The Quincy being flanked on all sides by neighborhoods ravaged by poverty. This bleeds into The Quincy’s realm often, a fact that can’t be hidden by its glittering façade. Notably, in 2013, The Quincy was home to the infamous Quincy pizza shooting. An order was placed for a pizza for the specific intent of robbing the delivery person. When the residents of the listed location on the order claimed to not have ordered anything, the delivery man went back to his vehicle only to find a trio of armed men, where he was shot after being robbed. While the shooters were later caught and jailed, the incident left a reminder in the community that couldn’t be ignored.


In a different incident, another resident was shot in his apartment by a man known to local authorities as a gang member living not far outside of The Quincy. The man sustained minor injuries, luckily, as the police later found several other casings from missed shots in the apartment.


These incidents led to an ever souring reputation at New Brunswick’s most upscale living spaces, a trend that doesn’t seem to have any end in sight as long as the residents turn a blind eye to the issues in their neighborhood.