The Blossoming Partnership between Gulf Coast Western and Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration

Gulf Coast Ventures started as a family that has been in existent for about fifty years. This is a clear indication that the argument about family businesses and their survival does not hold water. However, research has proven that only one in five family businesses is expected to reach ten years in operations while at the same time making substantial profits. Mathew Fleeger has been excellent in ensuring that the Joint Venture continues to dominate the industry.

However, the company, which has its roots in Dallas, Texas, has been able to move from one region to another, all in which have been to explore the possibility of the availability of commercial oil and gas. Some of the areas in which the company has considerable roots and operations include Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, Mississippi, and Louisiana among others. Only few other oil and gas exploration companies have been able to reach such heights.

Mathew Fleeger has ensured that Gulf Coast Ventures Limited extends in two different partnerships to make the operations easier. The two partners are Orbit Gulf Coast Explorations which has its center of operations at Lafayette, Louisiana. This has enabled Gulf Coast Western to be able to explore thousands of hectares that would have been under the original organization. It is a mutually beneficial exploration partnership that helps each company to benefit in its operations.

The partnership has given Gulf Coast Western rights to access more than thousands of square miles and the 3D seismic data that is very useful in exploration activities. Moreover, the company can also drill in more than 13 oil producing wells. This is a significant benefit as the operational oils are known to produce more than 30 million barrels of oil in total revenue. The partnership has also enabled the venture companies to explore oil and gas in St. Landry Parishes, Evangeline, Calcasieu, and Cameron among others.