Steve Lesnard, How To Market Products Right On Digital Media

Digital mediums have provided business with a quick, effective and convenient way to market their products. The use of social media for product marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach one’s target audience. Unfortunately, Steve Lesnard believes that most organizations do not know how to leverage digital mediums to their advantage. While these businesses use digital mediums for marketing, their ads are not effective, and they end up being counterproductive. Steve Lesnard states that an effective marketing strategy is one that puts focus on the consumers. Most brands put the focus on the product rather than the consumer, and this affects the delivery of the message. The following are the two main principles Steve Lesnard recommends brands to follow to use to market products effectively.

  1. Simplicity

One of the most common mistakes that brand do is creating complex marketing adverts that only cause confusion to their consumers. If a brand wants to leverage technology properly, their adverts need to be simple, straightforward and relay a message. The message relayed needs to explain the benefits of using the product or service to entice consumers to buy. The most important part of digital adverts is the slogan. The slogan used should be simple and one that can be easily comprehended. An exceptional example is the slogan by iPod. The slogan was effective in connecting with the emotions of the consumers.

  1. Make it real

One of the best ways to ensure your consumers can relate to your advert is by making it real. Consumers always purchase products they see on social media and television because they are brought to life. One way you can bring a product to life is by showing how it can be used in real life and its benefits. Testimonials and online reviews also bring a product to life by showing potential customers how other people have utilized the product successfully. Video adverts are the best way to bring a product to life and make them real to the consumers.

The next time you create an online marketing campaign, put the above principles into practice.