Securus Technologies Making Prisons That Much Safer

Although life for inmates inside the jail is not supposed to be like a vacation, they are entitled to be safe. As crowded conditions continue to be an issue, violence has been escalating as a result. When the jail is only supposed to house 2,000 inmates and today has over 5,000, it is no wonder tensions are definitely higher than normal. As an officer in one of Alabama’s prisons, my job duties have certainly changed in recent years.


Instead of walking the grounds and patrolling for any potential trouble and addressing the needs of the inmates, now officers must be able to anticipate trouble before violence spills over and officers are harmed. To be able to do this successfully, officers in our jail need to utilize a number of different resources that will give us the ability to get ahead of trouble and keep order at the same time.


Securus Technologies has been one company that has aided in our quest to keep this facility safe for anyone who has to be behind the prison walls. The company recently made a call monitoring system that scans calls inmates are making and can easily identify certain verbiage that officers would be interested in. Based out of Dallas, all 1,000 employees of Securus Technologies have a single objective, trying to make the world a little safer one day at a time.


My officers were shown how the LBS software works, and it began to bear fruit on day one. If any of the inmates are talking about drugs, planning a fight, discussing gang issues, or asking family and friends to sneak in contraband at the visitor center, now we get the alert and we take action. Securus Technologies has helped our officers to decrease violent episodes ten-fold in just under a year.