End Citizens United: A New Direction For American Politics

Ever since the controversial Supreme Court decision in the court case of Citizens United versus the Federal election commission the issue of corporate money and their influence over our nation’s politicians have been growing ever closer to the front of the American people’s minds. Since this Supreme Court decision was made, there have been proponents on both sides of the political battlefield battling both for and against it. While over the last several years there has not been any noticeable change this is all set to be different during this midterm election cycle.

In 2015 the small grassroots political organization was formed named End Citizens United. Its current president and executive director Tiffany Muller has managed to cultivate an organization of greater than 3 million individuals that have the influence to raise more than $35 million during this midterm election cycle. All of this political might is being used in an effort to help spur political reform to change campaign-finance policies. The ultimate goal of the organization is to completely eliminate the influence of corporate special interest groups and political action committees on the American democratic system.

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During the organization’s first election cycle in 2016 three political candidates took a public stance against accepting corporate donations. While this seems insignificant today, it is by no means a small feat. It was merely the first few steps that have helped initiate a new political trend. In 2018 so far there have been more significant than 70 political candidates that have taken a public stance against accepting corporate donations. Tiffany Muller believes that this is just another step in the growing trend of our politicians choosing to represent their constituents over the interests of corporations.

Utilizing their widespread influence throughout the nation End Citizens United has selected a few Democratic candidates to endorse in their bid for political office publicly. The two newest members that have received endorsements from the organization are New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker and New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand. Both of these politicians have made public announcements that they will no longer accept donations from corporate special action groups and political action committees. Tiffany Muller believes that it is essential that our nations members of Congress to choose to represent everyday Americans over the interests of corporations. As a result of these endorsements into Citizens United has promised to help support the financing of both of these politicians political campaigns. For example, Cory Booker will be receiving $250,000 in order to help fuel a public awareness advertising campaign that will help inform the populace of the dangers of their current representatives who are deeply entrenched in the pockets of billionaires in the economic elite. Tiffany Muller hopes that more politicians will follow these examples as their success paves the way for a new democracy.