Drew Madden breaks new ground in healthcare IT consulting

Drew Madden has become one of the most recognized and lauded experts in the field of healthcare IT consulting. As the president of Nordic Consulting Partners, Madden was responsible for growing that firm from a small consultancy into one of the most formidable IT consulting firms in the United States. He left Nordic in 2017, after having grown the firm to more than 750 full-time consultants and with a client list of over 150 of the top hospital groups, HMOs and other medical practices throughout the country.

But as he matured in his career, Madden began seeing that there were some deep structural problems that were leading the healthcare technology sector astray and costing vast sums of money in the process. Madden realized that the healthcare IT field was increasingly dominated by what he referred to as software geeks. While Madden admits to being a software geek himself, he said that these highly intelligent and knowledgeable specialists were naturally biased towards seeing more and better software as the end-all solution to every problem confronting the healthcare industry.

Madden slowly arrived at the conclusion that it was, more often than not, people who were at the root of the healthcare system’s shortcomings. And it would therefore have to be people who would be the focus of any viable solutions to the nation’s increasingly dire healthcare problems.

With this idea in mind, Madden founded Evergreen Healthcare Partners. With three other cofounders who shared a similar vision with him, Madden began operations in July of 2017. Today, Evergreen has grown to 26 consultants and more than a dozen major clients. It is the first healthcare IT specialty company that focuses as much on the human components of healthcare systems as it does on the software side. Madden believes that it is of primary importance to design software solutions that are both intuitive and complimentary to the skills of people. While this is easily said, the track record of almost universal failure to actually achieve such synergies between healthcare professionals and the software they use is a testament to how difficult this goal is. Evergreen, however, is up to the challenge.