Charlamagne Tha God Cancels His Mental Health Conversation With Kanye West


Charlamagne Tha God was set to host a “TimesTalk” with famed rapper Kanye West for the New York Times about mental illness in the black community in order to destigmatize the issue among contributors of Black culture.

In recent news Kanye West has had a lot of issues in the eyes of Black media due to his controversial political allegiance to President Donald Trump. Some fans believe his alignment with the current president is a result of his mental illness. West was diagnosed with mental illness at the beginning of the year. Although he believes his diagnosis was made in error, West has spoken publicly about his ongoing struggle with mental health.

Because of West’s configuration with the President and the misalignment with the Black community that his political views have caused, Charlamagne Tha God feels as if having this conversation with Kanye at the moment will only distract the public from the important elements of the conversation and only highlight the antics of Kanye West, who most believe are using his political alliance with Trump as a tool to gain publicity or attention.

This wouldn’t be Kanye’s first time using controversy to gain attention from the public. Before the release of his most recent album, West was photographed with an infamously unpopular “Make America Great Again” hat before proclaiming American chattel slavery was a choice.

Charlamagne The God is set on making sure the importance of his conversation about mental health is not diluted by clouded judgments of the audience who may have reasonable bias because of Kanye’s recent behavior. Mental Health is a topic that Charlamagne Tha God takes very seriously and he is focused of ridding society of the stigma placed on the conversation.

When announcing that he is canceling the talk with Kanye, The Breakfast Club host says that having that conversation with Kanye right now would only distract the audience from the point of the conversation, which is to destigmatize the idea of mental wellness in the black community.


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