Diplomat Daniel Taub- International lawyer and former Israeli ambassador

Daniel Taub is one of the best Israeli diplomats to have eve serve his country in a diplomatic office. His achievements in the office of the diplomat are admirable and ones that deserve a pat on the back. Daniel Taub carried out his role so diligently that he is regarded as the best diplomat to have ever served in this country. Daniel Taub is an international lawyer who has so much to show as he achieves during his time in office. Daniel Taub was born in 1962 in the United Kingdom. However, this is not where he would spend his entire life. In 1989, he moved out of the country and went to live in Israel. He even gained the citizenship of Israel. He served in various offices that included being in the military as a medic office, serving the deputy principal legal adviser in the ministry of foreign affairs. He also served as an adviser to Israeli delegation to United Nations headquarters. His services to Israel would reach the peak when he was appointed an ambassador to present Israeli in London. In the United Kingdom, Daniel Taub played his role very well. He portrayed a role of a man who wanted the best for his country.



Daniel Taub time in office was remarkable. He served his country diligently that he left no one doubts about his abilities as a diplomat. Daniel Taub role as ambassador was carried so well such that his country benefited a lot from the diplomatic relationship they had with the United Kingdom. Daniel Taub played his role of diplomacy so well that in just 4 years trade between the two countries had doubled. This was a great achievement that he had accomplished. Trade was at $7 billion according to the secretary of business, skills, and innovations in the United Kingdom. He continued to regard the achievements that Daniel Taub had midwived as one that would make the nations move into a golden era of cooperation.



Daniel Taub also took time to address the issues of the peace agreement in the Middle East. He made sure that he served his country in the best way possible. Israel made efforts to resolve the crisis in the Middle East by ensuring that was cooperation with some of the neighbor in ensuring that peace agreement that was in place were maintained. Daniel Taub stated that Israel was dedicated to peace in the region but some of her neighbors would not allow it. He says Israel has shown the will to respect peace agreements.