Tim Ioannides Passion For Patients

Tim Ioannides graduated from the University of Miami School of Medicine and immediately began working under a physician. Tim fell in love with the process of helping his patients, which led him to creating his own practice. Tim’s practice focused on medically-based dermatological services, which was his true passion.

Dr Tim Ioannides started his practice off with one building, and his practice started to get so many patients his business branches into five. Fortunately, having five different locations doesn’t stop him from accompanying employees from every location to make sure that they are on the same page.

Tim is different from most Doctors. Dr Tim Ioannides is genuine and he takes his time listening to each concern. He focuses on his patient and their needs. He doesn’t limit their time in his office and he tries his best to keep a personal relationship with each one. His care stands out from other Doctors in the area of his field due to his big heart.

Doctor Ioannides mostly did cosmetic procedures when he first started out, but he wanted to have his own practice. He wanted a practice that focused more of the concerns and care of patients more than just the procedure, which is what makes his practice stand out from the rest. After his determination to make his dreams a reality, Dr Ioannides founded Treasure Coast Dermatology.

Tim got to research skin cancer vaccinations which he loved because it was such a huge breakthrough for dermatologists. Doctor Ioannides loves his work, and he loves that every day he gets to better the lives of several different people. Click Here for more information.


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