Jeremy Goldstein Highlights The Benefits Of Stock Options

Stock options were once popular in most corporations. Companies paid their staff using their shares. This strategy helped many companies to save money that they in turn used to expand their operations while providing their employees with investment opportunity. Jeremy Goldstein posits that the popularity of stock option has greatly reduced.

According to Jeremy Goldstein, the declining popularity of stock options has been caused by three key factors. First, the stock value can drop significantly. This situation has discouraged employees from opting for this method of remuneration. Secondly, during economic downturns, share prices suffer significantly. Economic crisis has made stock option unpopular given that an employee can lose a significant portion of his or her pay. Lastly, stock option is accompanied by considerable accounting burdens. These complex accounting procedures necessitate corporations to incur more expenses by employing more accountants.

However, stock options have a number of advantages. First, stock option is preferable to wages, better insurance cover, or equities because individuals can easily understand stock option transactions. In addition, these options provide equivalent remuneration values to all staff. Jeremy Goldstein contends that when share prices rise, the personal earnings of employees increases significantly. This strategy encourages the employees to work harder to keep the company’s share prices high. At the end, the company benefits from the increased productivity.

Jeremy Goldstein is a New York-based attorney. The law expert has over 15 years of experience as a business lawyer. His outstanding strategies have helped different companies such as Bank One, AT&T, Verizon, and Chevron to improve their operations through quality remuneration solutions. These solutions include Executive Compensation, management team remuneration, and CEO pay. Notably, Jeremy ensures that his clients pay their workers in compliance with the law. The attorney renders his services at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. Goldstein is the founder of the reputable law firm. Jeremy is an alumnus of Cornell University, the University of Chicago and the New York University-School of Law.


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