Waiakea Water: the Shift to Degradable Plastics

As the American consumers get enlightened on the adverse effects of plastic pollution, the more they shun products packaged in plastics. The (CPG) (consumer packaged goods) industry is on the receiving end; the future of this sector was bleak, following failed attempts with biodegradable plastics, until Waiakea Water introduced the concept of degradable plastics.

Waiakea’s founder, Ryan Emmons, recently announced that his five-year-old company would be the face of change from regular plastics to revolutionary degradable ones. Waiakea Water will commence using degradable bottles early next year. The plastics that will be adopted by Waiakea are not only degradable but also 100 percent recyclable. But it is the difference between the regular plastics and degradable ones that has transfixed many who are interested in the subject. While conventional plastics used to package water are long-lasting in the environment—up to 1, 500 years—degradable ones are can only last up to a maximum of 15 years. Indeed, the shift is like day and night. Thanks to the game-changing initiative of Waiakea.

Waiakea’s environmental initiatives have shaped the company’s operations since it became operational in 2012. The company’s water, sourced from a single and pristine source in the vicinity of the Mauna Loa, is packaged in an eco-friendly facility. According to the statistics quoted by the company, the plant uses over 33 percent renewable energy. Meanwhile, Waiakea cherishes the Mauna Loa; sustainability in production is one of the company’s chief pillars. To this end, the company is leading well-wishers and other environmental enthusiasts in planting trees in the area.

Waiakea Water was the first American bottled water firm to be certified CarbonNeutral®. The company deserves the certification has it has worked with emission control experts including Ecometrica to improve its efforts of minimizing the production of adverse emissions. All Waiakea’s processes are either eco-friendly or are on their way to achieve the eco-friendly status.

While Waiakea is in business, it recognizes it is part of the world that is currently afflicted with an array of problems including water problems. The company donates some water for every liter of its naturally alkaline water purchased.