Barbara Stokes-Passion Driven Innovation

When disaster strikes lives are on the line depending on competent, quick response. When government and the private sector fail to answer the need in a timely manner people suffer. This proved to be a reality after the devastation caused by hurricane Katrina left countless individuals suffering, injured and homeless. Insufficient resources and prompt response from FEMA and relief forces at every level made the situation go on for far too long. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.


Driven by Compassion

Relieving that suffering is something Barbara Stokes, owner of Alabama based Green Structure Homes Delivered, takes seriously. Her company is instrumental in supplying the housing and infrastructure components FEMA needed to react in a fast and positive manner after hurricane Harvey in 2017. GSH innovative manufacturing and design technology and three decades experience working closely with government and private disaster relief agencies made the difference.getting people into shelter and on the way to recovery.

More than simply providing quality disaster relief, Barbara Stokes and Green Structure Homes Delivered actively engage in local community philanthropy with support for local charities and Habitat for Humanity. Follow Barbara Stokes on


 Innovation and Excellence

Much of the success Barbara Stokes and her company enjoy stems from that compassionate nature coupled with cutting edge design and manufacturing systems to create mobile and modular structures that are energy efficient, environmentally friendly and safe.

Mrs. Stokes and GSH of Alabama set standards high for each project. Every GSH structure and infrastructure element is custom designed and manufactured to meet each client’s unique needs. Striving for excellence and driven by compassion: Barbara Stokes and GSH of Alabama are there to help when disaster strikes.
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A Word About Heal N Soothe’s Ingredients

Heal N Soothe is a brand of supplements that contain natural inflammation-reduction and pain-relieving enzymes. The reason that I don’t call Heal and Soothe an anti-inflammatory supplement is because what is actually does is take a neutralized version of the bio-chemicals that trigger inflammation and works to repair and regenerate injured tissue. In doing so, Heal N Soothe speeds up the recovery from sprains, bruises, joint pain, fractures, and contusions. It is one of the only ones that doesn’t have questionable fillers or preservatives.


Living Well Nutraceuticals is at the forefront of innovation in this field of health sciences. The Heal N Soothe product is an all-natural and effective way to both reduce inflammation and pain without any side effects. Developed after years of study, it contains the most powerful, proven ways to promote healing.


The Heal N Soothe supplements were put together by Dr. Max Wolf after he and his team, with the Columbia University System, had been studying the link between aging and the body’s reaction to pain. They discovered that the reason that younger people tend to recover from pain faster is that Proteolytic Enzymes immediately flood the afflicted areas. This is the body’s first response to pain. Beyond about the age of 27, however, the body tends not to respond as quickly due to the blood vessels becoming more constricted and flooded with free radicals. See This Page for additional information.


Unfortunately, most U.S. diets don’t promote the production of enzymes. This is mainly because many of the foods are lacking in the necessary nutritional value for it. Dr. Wolf and his team eventually managed to mix 12 different natural inflammation-reduction enzymes, such as Protease 6.0 and Alkaline Protease, and Heal and Soothe was born. Heal N Soothe also contains numerous other healing ingredients such as Rutin, Turmeric Extract, and Ginger Extract. Heal N Soothe is one of the first and only supplements to combine the power of Mother Nature’s Natural Painkillers with the food- and mineral-based building blocks to achieve maximum anti-inflammatory results.

Sloan-Kettering Research Center was the first to conclude that turmeric is better even than Aspirin at eliminating pain. This is due to the fact that it shuts the COX-2 enzyme down.

There was one double-blind study of Boswellia that found that those receiving the actual Boswellia also experienced increased joint mobility.

A study of Devil’s Claw in Germany found that Devil’s Claw works on pain as well as prescription painkillers, especially on lower back pain.


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James Dondero: A Love For Humanity

James Dondero is more than just a businessman. He is also a giver and lover of humanity. He believes in making difference in the community that he lives in. Dallas has received a lot of help from Dondero. Because of his love for his city, Dondero has made contributions and helped improved certain parts of the city. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork.

James Dondero holds two Bachelor’s in Science degrees in finance and accounting which he received from the Univerisity of Virginia’s McIntire School. The experience of working for American Express helped to catapult his success at Protective Life’s GIC Subsidiary. After turning that company into a billion dollar giant this gave him the idea to launch Highland Capital, which is one the finance giants that have expanded globally today.


James Dondero is not a stingy man. He did not open Highland Capital just to keep all of the profits to himself. Instead he decided to give back to his beloved city of Dallas. One of the first contributions he made was improving the habitats at the Dallas Zoo. This entity hosts millions of people every year, so it was only fitting that he made sure that it was presentable and housed the appropriate animals for everyone’s education. James Dondero went on from there to make several more contributions to the Perot Museum of Natural Science and the Presidental library of George W. Bush. With all of these donations and much more being made Dallas has had a significant turn around on some of its projects that would have never gotten off the ground thanks to Dondero being the philanthropist he is.

There is no doubt that James Dondero is a kind and generous man. Everything contribution he makes has came from his heart. It is because he loves the city of Dallas very much. This city owes their gratitude to this man who cares enough to take on and help out with tasks that would have otherwise to years to accomplish. It feels good to give back to a city or community that you hold dear. James Dondero has taught that lesson. Read more about James Dondero at Daily Forex Report.

Bruno Fagali: How To Get Legal Advice In Brazil

Are you dealing with a corporate or personal legal matter in Brazil? Do you want to get a lawyer that offers great service to clients in Brazil? Maybe you are researching Regulatory Law attorneys or Urban Law attorneys. No matter the type of case you’re facing, it is imperative to get a reliable law firm or attorney like Bruno Fagali.

It is extremely important to retain a good attorney who is highly experienced. Having a competent lawyer or legal team is crucial when you find yourself in a complex legal situation. Whether you are being sued, or you are facing another tough case, you need to be sure you have an experienced lawyer by your side.

Dealing with a breach of contract, a dispute or other tough legal situation can be frustrating. It is always advisable to get help from a lawyer that has vast experience in the field. Many business owners and professionals in Brazil turn to Bruno for help with their important legal issues.

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Every day, businesses, corporations and multinational companies go through all sorts of situations that require expert legal assistance. These companies and professionals experience a wide variety of legal situations. Numerous people and companies in Brazil go to Bruno Fagali for reliable legal solutions.

Do you want to enlist the services of a renowned lawyer like Bruno Fagali? Looking for a competent attorney for proper guidance? When looking for an experienced and reputable attorney in Brazil, look no further than Bruno.

Bruno Fagali is a good lawyer and he has a great reputation among his clients. He is one of the leading attorneys in Regulatory and Urban Law. He is also a highly sought after Administrative Law attorney and can get you great outcome in your case.

Maybe you are dealing with Ethics or Compliance issues and need an expert in these areas. Bruno is also well versed in these areas of law and comes highly recommended. A good lawyer helps clients stay out of legal trouble and handle their business or personal legal issues appropriately.

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Jeff Herman: Legal Voice For Victims Of Abuse

Jeff Herman is the founder of Herman Law, a nationally recognized law firm. He is an attorney that has provided a voice for people that have been victimized. His advocacy for people that have been sexually abused or victims of violence is a passion. In fact, Jeff has very strong compassion for those victims that generally do not have a voice in the community. Jeff Herman has a long history in the legal industry and uses his vast legal experience to protect victims of sexual abuse and violence. Let’s take a closer look at Jeff Herman.


Herman Law Finding Justice For Victims

Jeff Herman admits that dealing with sexual abuse and violence on a daily basis is a tough job. However, he has dedicated his career and Herman Law to dealing with clients that were victimized sexually or the victims of a violent crime. Herman realizes that his type of legal career is very draining and is not for everyone. However, Jeff Herman’s passion and strong commitment to assisting victims, gives him the strength and fortitude to carry on. Jeff Herman also relates that he finds his job very rewarding.


Career Change

Certainly, everyone reaches a point in their career that leads to change. This happened about 20 years ago for Jeff Herman. At one time, Herman was a very successful litigator. However, he heard about a case that concerned a mother and her son. The son had autism and was the victim of abuse at his school. This really hit close to home for Herman. School was a place for kids to feel safe. A child predator was using the school as a hunting ground. Herman did a bit of research and discovered that he was right. An employee at the school, who was allegedly the abuser, was a convicted sexual offender. A simple background check by the school would have protected the victim. Herman decided to take the case and the rest is history. See This Article to learn more.


Clearly, Jeff Herman is one attorney that is on a mission to protect adults and children that have been victimized. His strong compassion for the victims is a driving force behind his success in protecting those victims.





Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Is More Qualified For The Job Than Her Critics Realize

U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is, by all accounts, a determined woman. She does not air any disagreements that she has with her boss, President Trump, in public. When he rescinded the policy that allowed transgender students to use the restroom that matched the gender that they identified with, DeVos was against it, but the public never knew it. DeVos is always a lady, and she never publicly criticized President Trump’s decision.


DeVos was never a teacher and her children attended private schools, therefore, according to her critics, she wasn’t familiar with the public school system. DeVos is a quick study; she knows something about public schools from talking to lower income parents who could not afford to send their kids to a private school. DeVos was one of the strongest advocates for charter schools and she has been involved with advocating for education policies for almost 30 years. Her supporters say that charter schools give parents choices, forcing public schools to do better or risk losing students. She has spoken with parents of children who attend Grand Rapid’s Potter’s House Christian School, who sacrifice to have their child in a safe environment, where they can learn. She at her husband would spend their time there, realizing that they had the resources to send their children to the best schools, but many parents do not. DeVos and her husband, Dick, provide the school with significant funding through their family foundation.


People in western Michigan know DeVos as a kind, compassionate woman, while people who do not know her call her insulated. Friends point out that she and her husband don’t just give Potter’s House Christian School their time in volunteer hours. DeVos isn’t insulated; she’s helped parents find stable housing, mentored kids and talked to them about going to college. It is the practical help offered by someone who isn’t insulated from life’s problems.


Many people do not know that DeVos spent 15 years serving as a mentor for at-risk students in Grand Rapids. She worked with students, their parents and teachers, which made her realize that where a student lives determines the quality of his or her education. DeVos knew this wasn’t fair, which is why she promoted school choice policies. According to DeVos, these choices could, include home schooling, vouchers, digital learning and charter schools. Husband Dick DeVos established a free charter high school with an aviation focus in Grand Rapids.


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Organo Gold: Coffee Culture

There’s a great history behind coffee and how it made its way to the Western world. Research shows that Portland, Seattle and San Francisco led the way toward the rapid acceptance of the coffee culture. If you didn’t know, San Francisco has a tremendous amount of coffee seekers. They are hard pressed on organic farming, sustainability and fair trade. Many of these businesses have worked at cultivating strong partnerships with growers with several providing compostable packaging. Read the reviews at

We are all familiar with the spurt of Starbucks in our neighborhoods and Cities. They were instrumental in kick-starting the independent coffee shops now on every corner. Seattle shops stock beans all the way from Zimbabwe, Mexico, Ethiopia, Jamaica, Colombia, Costa Rica and Arabian countries. There are trendy drive-ins that give customers instant access to foamy cups of their favorite coffee selections. It’s clear getting a cup of Joe is no longer a challenge in today’s world. Once inside, one of these shops, it’s nothing to find a wide selection of add on creamers, enhancements, temperature options and more.


Organo Gold has come on the scene with their healthy coffee beverages that fit the active lifestyle. There is a dedication to organic farming and making sure their products have natural ingredients. Organo Gold opened in 2008 and now leads the market with customers seeking their flavored teas, nutritious shakes and one-cup brews packets. They have a distribution network that expands across the country and allows anyone to join.

Organo Gold has made the list of the 55th top network marketing businesses in 2013. Most distributors find once they join Organo Gold, that they are among people

that think like them, love coffee and can offer customers valuable

samples to enjoy. Millions have signed up to be a distributor that has given them financial freedom. Visit Bizfluent to know more about Organo Gold.

Alex Pall and The Personal Journey of The Music behind Chainsmokers

Chainsmokers, the dynamic duo that is behind hit songs like ‘Roses’ and ‘Don’t Back Down’ is a brand that’s becoming widely appreciated across the world. The men behind the music, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are two men passionate about the music they work on and about growing as artists.

Alex Pall talks about how the duo’s passion for the music they were creating and how they spent their days working on their music and focusing on creating their identity. In a genre that includes some of the most talented musicians, and one industry where there are newer musicians every passing day, Chainsmokers have decided to come out from behind the turntables and even go as far as writing and singing their own lyrics.

The duo believes that this is one of the many things that set them apart, giving the music their own twist. With each of them striving to break past the mould of what techno or dance music means and working with talented artists like Coldplay and Halsey giving each of their songs a new take on stories connected to themselves. It is important for them to tell stories about their lives through their songs. Each song is something that relates on a personal level with them as well as the person listening to the music. It’s that personal connection that has garnered a following for The Chainsmokers across the world.

It’s not just about creating music, Alex and Andrew have an interesting perspective on the music business. Talking about how most people in the world are listening to songs that were created from a while back. How the artist has already moved to a different stage when the listener is connecting to their song that’s currently out.

They note how ‘Closer’ the song Chainsmokers have done featuring Halsey is about personal experiences Andrew had growing up and how it was a pleasure to work with her. In Alex Pall’s words, Halsey is unapologetically her and that’s the kind of artist that Chainsmokers would like to work with.

The duo stressed how they thrive under the good kind of pressure that having different songs like ‘Closer’ with Andrew singing poses challenges to them when it comes to performing them live but they look forward to handling such challenges on their next tour.

Drew Madden breaks new ground in healthcare IT consulting

Drew Madden has become one of the most recognized and lauded experts in the field of healthcare IT consulting. As the president of Nordic Consulting Partners, Madden was responsible for growing that firm from a small consultancy into one of the most formidable IT consulting firms in the United States. He left Nordic in 2017, after having grown the firm to more than 750 full-time consultants and with a client list of over 150 of the top hospital groups, HMOs and other medical practices throughout the country.

But as he matured in his career, Madden began seeing that there were some deep structural problems that were leading the healthcare technology sector astray and costing vast sums of money in the process. Madden realized that the healthcare IT field was increasingly dominated by what he referred to as software geeks. While Madden admits to being a software geek himself, he said that these highly intelligent and knowledgeable specialists were naturally biased towards seeing more and better software as the end-all solution to every problem confronting the healthcare industry.

Madden slowly arrived at the conclusion that it was, more often than not, people who were at the root of the healthcare system’s shortcomings. And it would therefore have to be people who would be the focus of any viable solutions to the nation’s increasingly dire healthcare problems.

With this idea in mind, Madden founded Evergreen Healthcare Partners. With three other cofounders who shared a similar vision with him, Madden began operations in July of 2017. Today, Evergreen has grown to 26 consultants and more than a dozen major clients. It is the first healthcare IT specialty company that focuses as much on the human components of healthcare systems as it does on the software side. Madden believes that it is of primary importance to design software solutions that are both intuitive and complimentary to the skills of people. While this is easily said, the track record of almost universal failure to actually achieve such synergies between healthcare professionals and the software they use is a testament to how difficult this goal is. Evergreen, however, is up to the challenge.

Michael Burwell Names Chief Financial Officer For Willis Towers Watson

Michael Burwell Joins Willis Towers Watson As Chief Financial Officer

Michael Burwell will be replacing Roger Millay after his voluntary retirement on October 2, 2017. John Haley, CEO of Willis Towers Watson welcomed Michael Burwell and expressed excitement at Michael Burwell’ bringing with him his abilities to keep a strong focus on clients as well as leading complex, global companies towards practical results.


Origin of his Ideas

When asked how his ideas are incubated, Michael Burwell responded by saying most of his ideas he credits to other people within his company. The chief leaders and implementers within the company have a unique position, which allows them to understand and infer what direction things are going and what should be done to forestall in one area and advance in another. He feels it is his obligation to make sure those inventive ideas are given the best possible consideration.



Michael Burwell treasures the ability to do more with less. He enjoys working with technology, but his human resources bring a value in which technology must learn to serve. In bringing about the best use of both human and technology resources day to day is a way to always remain productive in a relevant way, Burwell express.


Sports and Hobbies

Michael Burwell has a great love for the game of golf, a sport his grandfather gave to him, being his mentor as a kid. Golf is a relaxing game and one you can do while still enjoying the camaraderie of family and friends. Golf has this one characteristic which makes him enjoy the game and that is gold makes him always want to improve. Golf is also a very competitive game, which fits right into his character. See This Article for additional information.


Michael Burwell

Michael Burwell has just been named the new Chief Financial Officer of Willis Watson (NASDAQ: NLTW). Burwell has over thirty-one years in the finance arena. Roger Millay will be replaced by Michael Burwell at the time of his voluntary retirement on October 2, 2017. Burwell has years of experience as Head of Global Transformation, COO, CFO and as Head of Transactions Services; lastly, Michael Burwell has 11 years of experience in auditing and 12 years in Transactions services, with emphasis on the pre-merger advisory positions.