Steve Ritchie On Employees Training

Steve Ritchie was born in 1950 at San Francisco, CA. He completed his studies in Louisville and Seneca High School. He began a small collar job where he bought himself a small pizza shop and worked for very long hours as he showed skills of a hardworking and determined person. This made his grow the desire to have his own pizza industry.


In 1996, Steve Ritchie was appointed the CEO and president of an internationally known pizza company called Papa John’s International that was the thirds in the list of the most famous industries that made pizzas. He served the Papa John’s company with an experience of 22 years and managed his people to provide adequate services to the clients and customers they always received on a daily basis. He currently stays in three different places: Kentucky, Louisville and Hikes Point where to date he still holds the CEO position of Papa John’s.


Steve Ritchie Papa John’s worked diligently and hardworking as a representative in the customer services as he ensured that the customers’ needs were well received and got help they wanted as well as the feedback. As he continued on with his work, he became the owner of franchise and after 18 years of expertise became an operation chief officer in the company as well as other additional positions like general manager, operations director, area supervisor and a delivery driver where these occupations enabled him to provide sufficient work to Papa John’s and the community. He also had a side career job of being a consultant under operations areas in a bakery café with the name Calistoga. See This Article for additional information.


Steve Ritchie ensured that his employees received training diversity lessons so as to improve their working techniques and image and promote wide vast interactions with other big companies. Steve Richie PapaJohns once said that his top priorities were to provide inclusion, diversity and equity opportunities since his company had great beliefs in opportunist abilities, respect and honesty among themselves. He advised his fellow company associates that they should always stand by their CEO no matter what and form a close relationship that overcomes all undesirable obstacles


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Victoria Doramus Intentions Of Giving Back To Her New York Community


Victoria Doramus graduated from the University of Colorado with a bachelor`s degree of arts degree majoring in Journalism. Before starting to work at the Digital and print media, he has worked with numerous companies like the creative work agency and mindshare among several others. During her time working at these companies, she majored with advertising products, goods and services and in branding. The opportunity to work in the film industry as well and in the television gave her the experience she needed to be able to shine in her venture as she could identify new ways which were equally creative in the analysis of marketing and analyzing trends.


Victoria Doramus is involved in several charity groups and organizations created to help the people of New York. She achieves this by raising awareness which is delivered through the active participation in charity support. There are several platforms she uses to deliver the services. The first one is the Amy Winehouse Foundation. The organization was founded to keep the young from misusing alcohol or other narcotics throughout New York. She intends to give back to New York’s society since she struggled with drugs at a young age herself. She intends to warn the youth on the effects of drugs as well as warning them on the effects of addiction. See This Page for related information.


The second organization is the Women`s Prison Association. She is not the founder of this organization but rather a great supporter of this foundation based in New York. It represents over 4000 women from all over New York imprisoned for committing drugs related crimes or for theft of property. The organization represents a group of women from all over New York who haven’t been given a chance to live normal lives. The main objective of founding this group is educating women while giving them opportunities to live normal lives and avoid getting arrested in the first place. The organization helps the affected women find safe houses where they can cohabit with their kinds and which give them opportunities to fight addiction through giving them access to services related to addiction, mental health and also the general health.


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Jojo Hedaya Versus Junk Mail

Information transfer could get stressful from time to time, especially if it’s through emails. It is very common for people to allow their inboxes pile up because most of the messages are junk mail. This in turn makes it harder for a person to sort out useful mail. Everyone using e-mail suffers with the same issue, but two 24 year olds were brilliant enough to solve the problem. Among these two people was Jojo Hedaya, who partnered with his friend to develop an e-mail organising tool called Unroll.Me. He has gone on to market the product, and is currently receiving the plaudits for his work. In his own words, “Unroll.Me was born out of frustration” and he was surprised no major ISP provided an efficient cure to the problem.

The duo met in Israel during their college years and formed a friendship. It was not long before Jojo Hedaya discovered how similar they were to each other. For example, they shared the same birthday, grew up the same city and attended Jewish high schools as kids. This factors only made the friendship stronger and more genuine. Even the rabbi found a reason to pair them up, as they were the only ones to have blackberry phones. Unfortunately Jojo Hedaya did not graduate from college, instead jumping head first in the startup. He didn’t want to waste time and found out he had skills and the expertise to make it successful. Either way Jojo Hedaya would not advise anyone to drop of university if they do not have the necessary skills for a startup.

The application sorts through thousands of mail in no time and compiles them into a “roll up”. The feature sorts through subscription, newsletters and updates, grouping them accordingly. This gives the user a chance to look through the groups and unsubscribe from them. On the other side, if anything interests the user, he or she could as well keep up with the latest information. To make matters easier, the user could select a time he or she wants the application to sort through the email account.

Kisling Nestico & Redick (KNR)


Kisling Nestico & Redick is one of the biggest and fastest growing personal injury law firm based in Ohio. The firm provides sophisticated injury law representation to its clients. Their inside knowledge of the insurance industry makes them the most cutting edge firm in injury law practice. The firm believes in providing personalized services to each of its clients no matter the size of the case. This has led to countless success stories and satisfied clients which is shown by the several settlements and wins the firm has received.

Historical Background

Kisling Nestico & Redick was founded in 2005 following the experience of one of its founder Rob Nestico. Nestico was involved in a tragic accident where the driver ran a stop sign which resulted in the driver’s death and Rob’s hospitalization. Rob suffered severe injuries and spent three months in the hospital recovering. A child of Italian immigrants, who didn’t speak English, the insurance company, took advantage of that fact when handling the settlement claim.

This is where his passion for helping people who couldn’t fight back against the insurance company was born. The firm has grown tremendously since then, boosting 30 highly experienced attorneys, a support staff of 100 and 11 different locations throughout Ohio. Kisling Nestico & Redick is now well known in the legal community for their unwavering and passionate representations of their clients. The firm best-kept secret is the vast knowledge their staff has about how the insurance companies work.

Kisling Nestico & Redick CSR Drive

Kisling Nestico & Redick has been at the forefront in giving back to the community. Community Social Responsibility is an integral part of any significant organization, and the firm has not been left behind. The firm has yearlong campaigns raising money for the less fortunate. They have driven that help the community — starting from educating the community about safe roads and the Ohio state Accident Data. The most recognized one is helping the children of Ohio reach their full potential, the Don’t Text and Drive Scholarship Initiative and the yearlong campaign where the staff picks a charity to support. View Additional Info Here.


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