Barbara Stokes-Passion Driven Innovation

When disaster strikes lives are on the line depending on competent, quick response. When government and the private sector fail to answer the need in a timely manner people suffer. This proved to be a reality after the devastation caused by hurricane Katrina left countless individuals suffering, injured and homeless. Insufficient resources and prompt response from FEMA and relief forces at every level made the situation go on for far too long. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.


Driven by Compassion

Relieving that suffering is something Barbara Stokes, owner of Alabama based Green Structure Homes Delivered, takes seriously. Her company is instrumental in supplying the housing and infrastructure components FEMA needed to react in a fast and positive manner after hurricane Harvey in 2017. GSH innovative manufacturing and design technology and three decades experience working closely with government and private disaster relief agencies made the difference.getting people into shelter and on the way to recovery.

More than simply providing quality disaster relief, Barbara Stokes and Green Structure Homes Delivered actively engage in local community philanthropy with support for local charities and Habitat for Humanity. Follow Barbara Stokes on


 Innovation and Excellence

Much of the success Barbara Stokes and her company enjoy stems from that compassionate nature coupled with cutting edge design and manufacturing systems to create mobile and modular structures that are energy efficient, environmentally friendly and safe.

Mrs. Stokes and GSH of Alabama set standards high for each project. Every GSH structure and infrastructure element is custom designed and manufactured to meet each client’s unique needs. Striving for excellence and driven by compassion: Barbara Stokes and GSH of Alabama are there to help when disaster strikes.
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