The Outstanding Accomplishments of Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is an accomplished leader who has exemplary management and leadership skills. He worked at St. Therese Production as the General Manager before moving on to work at the General Motors. Louis Chenevert worked at the United Technologies Corporation where he was the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He is a French-Canadian citizen and was born and raised up in a family of humble beginnings. Through hard work and determination, Louis was able to rise up the ranks of a top executive at big companies where he served. Louis Chenevert graduated from the Universite de Montreal, Ecole des Hautes etudes commerciales where he managed to acquire his bachelor’s degree in Production Management.

Louis Chenevert served at the General Motors for more than ten years where he acquired a lot of skills and experience when it came to leadership and management of a big firm. He also worked for the Pratt & Whitney which is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation. At this company, Louis worked for 6 years before he was appointed to serve as the company’s President. He held this position for 7 years before he was finally appointed as the CEO and Chairman of United Technologies Corporation. While serving as the leader of UTC, Louis steered the company to achieve a lot of impressive achievements which include leading the company to achieve profits worth $100 billion. Louis Chenevert has been able to achieve a lot in one year as compared to what many corporate executives achieve in their entire careers.

While serving as the CEO of UTC, Louis Chenevert led the negotiations which resulted to the acquisition of Goodrich. The acquisition deal was estimated to be worth over $18.4 billion. Louis is also behind the introduction of the Employee Scholar Program by UTC which is focused on investing in its employees while nurturing their development. Since the program was introduced in 1996, more than 40,000 employees of UTC have been able to acquire degrees through the program. According to statistics, UTC has been able to invest more than $1 billion towards the educational pursuits of its employees in the United States alone.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel, Helping You Slip Away From Sleep Apnea

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has a degree (Biology and Psychology) and a doctorate in dental surgery.. He started his first dental care business in 1999 by establishing Old Bridge Dental Care clinic, a business he ran for 15 years, winning multiple awards as Best Dentist.

In 2010, he started Healthy hearts sleep; a company that works in close partnership with physicians worldwide and acts plays a sleep tabs establishment and management advisory role. Later in 2012 he established another company, Owner unlimited sleep patient, and also became a lecturer on how dentists can serve and also increase the number of sleep patients they serve. In 2014 he founded Dental sleep masters, another dentist advisory firm that engages dentists on usage of oral appliances to treat patient sleep problems.

Sleep Apnea

It is a disorder that is usually causes the patient to suffer pauses in breath or experiencing shallow breathing while asleep. This shortness of breath usually comes after loud snores and can last between a few seconds to full minutes. Many of those affected will feel sleepy or experience fatigue during the day, it can also cause hyperactivity in children.

Sleep apnea comes in 3 forms, the most common form, Obstructive sleep apnea, which is characterized by sleep being interrupted by blockage of airflow. Its causes include the sufferer being overweight or having allergies, it can also be due to hereditary family history of the same, having a small air way or enlarged tonsils. The second form is Central sleep apnea which is caused by the sufferer not putting in effort to in breathing while asleep. The third form is Mixed Sleep apnea which as the name suggests, is a combination of the first two.

The Statistics

Obstructive sleep apnea affects between 1-6% of adults, with men affected twice as often as women. About 2% of children also suffer from the same but it is common among those in the 55-60 years age bracket. Central sleep apnea affects less than 1% of the population.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is well known doctor specializing in treatment of sleep apnea has designs tailor made sleep appliances that offers relief to sufferers of sleep apnea. This treatment techniques includes therapy that is applied orally, which are special sleep wear that keep your airwaves open and allow for smooth breathing when sleeping, there are also oral prescriptions that include appliances that support the jaws thus opening up the upper airwaves when asleep. If you know anyone suffering from sleep apnea, Dr. Weisfogel and his Dental Sleep Masters program is the place to visit.

Waiakea Water: the Shift to Degradable Plastics

As the American consumers get enlightened on the adverse effects of plastic pollution, the more they shun products packaged in plastics. The (CPG) (consumer packaged goods) industry is on the receiving end; the future of this sector was bleak, following failed attempts with biodegradable plastics, until Waiakea Water introduced the concept of degradable plastics.

Waiakea’s founder, Ryan Emmons, recently announced that his five-year-old company would be the face of change from regular plastics to revolutionary degradable ones. Waiakea Water will commence using degradable bottles early next year. The plastics that will be adopted by Waiakea are not only degradable but also 100 percent recyclable. But it is the difference between the regular plastics and degradable ones that has transfixed many who are interested in the subject. While conventional plastics used to package water are long-lasting in the environment—up to 1, 500 years—degradable ones are can only last up to a maximum of 15 years. Indeed, the shift is like day and night. Thanks to the game-changing initiative of Waiakea.

Waiakea’s environmental initiatives have shaped the company’s operations since it became operational in 2012. The company’s water, sourced from a single and pristine source in the vicinity of the Mauna Loa, is packaged in an eco-friendly facility. According to the statistics quoted by the company, the plant uses over 33 percent renewable energy. Meanwhile, Waiakea cherishes the Mauna Loa; sustainability in production is one of the company’s chief pillars. To this end, the company is leading well-wishers and other environmental enthusiasts in planting trees in the area.

Waiakea Water was the first American bottled water firm to be certified CarbonNeutral®. The company deserves the certification has it has worked with emission control experts including Ecometrica to improve its efforts of minimizing the production of adverse emissions. All Waiakea’s processes are either eco-friendly or are on their way to achieve the eco-friendly status.

While Waiakea is in business, it recognizes it is part of the world that is currently afflicted with an array of problems including water problems. The company donates some water for every liter of its naturally alkaline water purchased.

Jeremy Goldstein Highlights The Benefits Of Stock Options

Stock options were once popular in most corporations. Companies paid their staff using their shares. This strategy helped many companies to save money that they in turn used to expand their operations while providing their employees with investment opportunity. Jeremy Goldstein posits that the popularity of stock option has greatly reduced.

According to Jeremy Goldstein, the declining popularity of stock options has been caused by three key factors. First, the stock value can drop significantly. This situation has discouraged employees from opting for this method of remuneration. Secondly, during economic downturns, share prices suffer significantly. Economic crisis has made stock option unpopular given that an employee can lose a significant portion of his or her pay. Lastly, stock option is accompanied by considerable accounting burdens. These complex accounting procedures necessitate corporations to incur more expenses by employing more accountants.

However, stock options have a number of advantages. First, stock option is preferable to wages, better insurance cover, or equities because individuals can easily understand stock option transactions. In addition, these options provide equivalent remuneration values to all staff. Jeremy Goldstein contends that when share prices rise, the personal earnings of employees increases significantly. This strategy encourages the employees to work harder to keep the company’s share prices high. At the end, the company benefits from the increased productivity.

Jeremy Goldstein is a New York-based attorney. The law expert has over 15 years of experience as a business lawyer. His outstanding strategies have helped different companies such as Bank One, AT&T, Verizon, and Chevron to improve their operations through quality remuneration solutions. These solutions include Executive Compensation, management team remuneration, and CEO pay. Notably, Jeremy ensures that his clients pay their workers in compliance with the law. The attorney renders his services at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. Goldstein is the founder of the reputable law firm. Jeremy is an alumnus of Cornell University, the University of Chicago and the New York University-School of Law.


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Securus Technologies Making Prisons That Much Safer

Although life for inmates inside the jail is not supposed to be like a vacation, they are entitled to be safe. As crowded conditions continue to be an issue, violence has been escalating as a result. When the jail is only supposed to house 2,000 inmates and today has over 5,000, it is no wonder tensions are definitely higher than normal. As an officer in one of Alabama’s prisons, my job duties have certainly changed in recent years.


Instead of walking the grounds and patrolling for any potential trouble and addressing the needs of the inmates, now officers must be able to anticipate trouble before violence spills over and officers are harmed. To be able to do this successfully, officers in our jail need to utilize a number of different resources that will give us the ability to get ahead of trouble and keep order at the same time.


Securus Technologies has been one company that has aided in our quest to keep this facility safe for anyone who has to be behind the prison walls. The company recently made a call monitoring system that scans calls inmates are making and can easily identify certain verbiage that officers would be interested in. Based out of Dallas, all 1,000 employees of Securus Technologies have a single objective, trying to make the world a little safer one day at a time.


My officers were shown how the LBS software works, and it began to bear fruit on day one. If any of the inmates are talking about drugs, planning a fight, discussing gang issues, or asking family and friends to sneak in contraband at the visitor center, now we get the alert and we take action. Securus Technologies has helped our officers to decrease violent episodes ten-fold in just under a year.