The Jana Lightspeed Ventures Story

The Jana Lightspeed venture story begins with the need of a specific professional to align their skillsets with that of the market, the need to grow and add more value to entrepreneurs, in the way that the specific individual would only know.

This is where the Jana Lightspeed venture story begins and this is how Jana Messerschmidt was able to find herself at Lightspeed Venture Partners by the end of 2018.

The Jana Lightspeed ventures story is certainly one that is fascinating and one to learn from, it shows that individuals from all backgrounds can add value in the startup sector, they just have to have the right skill-sets and make the proper moves to make a difference in the lives of the people they serve.

Jana Messerschmidt Was A Co-Founder of #ANGELS

Jana Messerschmidt was able to learn the ropes of the business world throughout her career in the startup sector. She joined Lightspeed Venture Partners by the end of 2018 because of her talent, skillset, and her connections. Everyone knows that a venture capital firm is only as good as their talent and their deal flow, so having the right talent and the deal flow will be a key value add to any interested individual.

Let us take a look at an organization that she co-founded a couple of years ago. Jana Messerschmidt along with other value seekers such as Chloe Sladden, Jessica Verrilli, April Underwood, Katie Stanton, and, Vijaya Gadde founded the organization in 2015.

The organization had two primary goals, the first one was to make a high value impact in the organizations in which they served with by investing in phenomenal companies, the second was to add more women to the field of investing in the startup sector.

They really had a passion for this and they made sure to work hard to make this dream a reality.

Here they are, a couple of years later, on the way to accomplishing their goals.


Steve Lesnard, How To Market Products Right On Digital Media

Digital mediums have provided business with a quick, effective and convenient way to market their products. The use of social media for product marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach one’s target audience. Unfortunately, Steve Lesnard believes that most organizations do not know how to leverage digital mediums to their advantage. While these businesses use digital mediums for marketing, their ads are not effective, and they end up being counterproductive. Steve Lesnard states that an effective marketing strategy is one that puts focus on the consumers. Most brands put the focus on the product rather than the consumer, and this affects the delivery of the message. The following are the two main principles Steve Lesnard recommends brands to follow to use to market products effectively.

  1. Simplicity

One of the most common mistakes that brand do is creating complex marketing adverts that only cause confusion to their consumers. If a brand wants to leverage technology properly, their adverts need to be simple, straightforward and relay a message. The message relayed needs to explain the benefits of using the product or service to entice consumers to buy. The most important part of digital adverts is the slogan. The slogan used should be simple and one that can be easily comprehended. An exceptional example is the slogan by iPod. The slogan was effective in connecting with the emotions of the consumers.

  1. Make it real

One of the best ways to ensure your consumers can relate to your advert is by making it real. Consumers always purchase products they see on social media and television because they are brought to life. One way you can bring a product to life is by showing how it can be used in real life and its benefits. Testimonials and online reviews also bring a product to life by showing potential customers how other people have utilized the product successfully. Video adverts are the best way to bring a product to life and make them real to the consumers.

The next time you create an online marketing campaign, put the above principles into practice.

The Blossoming Partnership between Gulf Coast Western and Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration

Gulf Coast Ventures started as a family that has been in existent for about fifty years. This is a clear indication that the argument about family businesses and their survival does not hold water. However, research has proven that only one in five family businesses is expected to reach ten years in operations while at the same time making substantial profits. Mathew Fleeger has been excellent in ensuring that the Joint Venture continues to dominate the industry.

However, the company, which has its roots in Dallas, Texas, has been able to move from one region to another, all in which have been to explore the possibility of the availability of commercial oil and gas. Some of the areas in which the company has considerable roots and operations include Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, Mississippi, and Louisiana among others. Only few other oil and gas exploration companies have been able to reach such heights.

Mathew Fleeger has ensured that Gulf Coast Ventures Limited extends in two different partnerships to make the operations easier. The two partners are Orbit Gulf Coast Explorations which has its center of operations at Lafayette, Louisiana. This has enabled Gulf Coast Western to be able to explore thousands of hectares that would have been under the original organization. It is a mutually beneficial exploration partnership that helps each company to benefit in its operations.

The partnership has given Gulf Coast Western rights to access more than thousands of square miles and the 3D seismic data that is very useful in exploration activities. Moreover, the company can also drill in more than 13 oil producing wells. This is a significant benefit as the operational oils are known to produce more than 30 million barrels of oil in total revenue. The partnership has also enabled the venture companies to explore oil and gas in St. Landry Parishes, Evangeline, Calcasieu, and Cameron among others.

Robert Deignan’s Views on Automation and Technology

Robert Deignan is president and founder of ATS Digital Services. This company offers technical assistance to customers around the globe in a remote way. Robert pursued a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Purdue University. Though his birthplace is Florida, Robert resides in Miami together with his nuclear family. He advises employees on how to adapt to the Automation Era. Automation comes with some effects to the numerous companies in existence. A research says that computerized machines will soon be able to carry out various tasks that are performed by human beings.

Most people are very much scared that the deployment of technology will lead to the loss of millions of jobs done by humans. Robert advices such people that fear can’t be of any help to them but they should learn on how to embrace the technology and work with it. It is said that machines can only handle a few number of jobs as compared to humans. However, the jobs that are mainly based on making decisions and need a lot of training cannot be done by machines. These jobs include teaching and performing therapy. A research done by the Oxford University revealed that several jobs have the possibility for automation. Such jobs include the social workers, Audiologists, emergency management directors among others.

In another research conducted by McKinsey, many jobs cannot be fully automated in the recent years. The jobs must require human intervention at some point. Robert Deignan also advises workers to embrace change as it happens. He further provides advice on the various reasons to build a healthy relationship with technology. Technology is said to have brought a big impact to various industries all over the world. It is one of the elements that motivated Robert to start his company. The negative point about technology is that nowadays most people spend a lot of time on phones doing rather unproductive work. Robert says that technology changes the way people think, it is designed to be addictive and therefore people should be in charge of their relationship with it.

Invest in Your Employees to grow Your Business – Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert was born in 1958 in Canada. He attended the Universte de Montreal where he studied business administration and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 1979.He is currently a Canadian businessman, Chief Executive Officer and chairman of the United Technologies Corporation. Louis spent a period of 14 years serving as a production manager in a company called General Motors’ St. Theresa. It was after this that he joined Pratt & Whitney in 1993 where he once served as the President between 1999 and 2006.


After leaving Pratt & Whitney, Louis joined his current working company in 2006 and became the President and CEO to date. Apart from being the CEO in his company, he holds different top positions in a bunch of companies. For instance, he is a member of the notable US-India CEO Forum. Additionally, Louis serves as one of the Board of Directors at Cargill and the Chairman of the known Yale Cancer Center’s Advisory Board among others.

Mr . Louis Chenevert believes that the best way to make improvements in your business is by investing in your employees. He goes ahead to give several reasons for this. First, you are well conversant with the people who work for you and you are aware of the things they can handle and those they cannot. There must be that employee with good skills and would double your company’s profit if promoted. You just need to show some interest in their lives. Hiring a new person will cost you a lot of time for training for him to adapt into the new environment. According to Louis, this is a risk you could have avoided by promoting one of your highly skilled employees. Not only will this add profit to your company, but other employees will develop some hope of being promoted and work harder, which means lots of profit will be incurred.

On investing in your employees, Louis continues to pinpoint some of the ways you can do that. You need to make your workplace a place where the employee can enjoy spending 8 hours of his day. Ensure that they are always looking forward to come the following day. To add morale to them, Louis advice’s employers to recognize the hardworking employees and reward them.

A Glance At Dermatological Services With Dr Tim Ioannides


Our skins are supposed to be taken care of since they are very delicate. Therefore, it is wise to take care of our skin by observing health measures and visiting a dermatologist in case of any skin condition. Tim Ioannides is a shining beacon in the realm of dermatology.


Tim Ioannides has vast experience in medicine after having served in several medical firms. He has learned entrepreneurship skills in order to make himself a worth candidate in various disciplines. As a result, he has parlayed his entrepreneurship skills in several business ventures.


Tim has served in medical firms such as the Treasure Coast Dermatology. He is a reputable skincare physician within the community. Tim’s success can be traced to his unparalleled level of creativity and customer service. Through dedication and ethical medical practice, he has been able to grow his career from singular brick and mortar location to a chain of skincare firms. This has been made possible by an enormous increase in the number of patients.


Tim attended the University of Miami where he graduated with a medical degree. To gain experience and learn from celebrated dermatologists, Tim Ioannides attended several medical internships. He secured an internship with the University of Florida. He also went for internship in university of Miami for his stringent residency.


Upon completion of his internship program, Dr Tim began working in a cosmetic dermatological firm. It is in this firm that Tim recognized his undying passion for medically based dermatological services. He gained insightful experience in services such as treatment of tumors, skin cancers and other skin conditions.


With the aim of providing affordable high-quality skin care services, Tim Ioannides founded Treasure Coast Dermatology. In this new venture, he dedicated his time, intellect, research and passion towards providing better services to his patients. To thrive in the competitive marker Dr Ioannides invested in strong personal relationships with his patients.





Impressionable facts about Academy of Art University

Academy of Art University is one of the leading institutions that has put technology first in the various operations that take place at the university. The school has made life great for better people through the insights and wisdom that it brings to students. Most of the tutors in the institution are full of knowledge and their main goal has always been to help students emerge the best through getting good results. The school has been in the running for many decades and it has maintained its team by mentoring them and helping them build their professions.

Academy of Art University considers the state of its students and it is through this that bit has established its institution to accessible locations so that the staff and students do not have to struggle for education. The extra curriculum programs that the institution has set aside for its students enable them to bring their other talents to life. Among the major programs that vast students have expressed interest in an include bible study that students from various denominations attend. Besides, they also offer sports to enable those with talents and interests in the latter to bring their talents to reality.

Throughout the programs in art and fashion that the Academy of Art University offers, many students have successfully had a great moment to meet legendary artists from many parts of the country. The mentorship that the successful artists offer to students has given them hope and courage to continue seizing their moments by chasing their dreams. The practical programs they continue to bring to their students has given all enrolled students a chance to quickly acquire concept on the things they ought to do for their succeeds. The Academy of Art University seeks to mentor the young in the coming years by giving them a chance to showcase what they got in their institutions. Launches Pharmaceutical Tracking Through Blockchain


Blockchain based technology has something that has become increasingly popular over the past few years, with a variety of different uses for it. As of late, one notable company that has been adding it to their overall business has been or Jindong.


Jingdong is one of the largest e-commerce retailers in the world, as well as the largest in China. The move came as the retail giant established its blockchain-based JD Medicine Open Tracing Solution, which has a few significant aims. As noted, one of the most important aspects of the move is that the company is looking to make pharmaceutical supply chains more transparent in China.


In a recent’s blog, “Delivering the Future of Shopping”, showcases not only the innovations that enable China’s largest retailer to deliver to customers at staggering speeds all across China via its nationwide logistics network, but also features the latest retail technology, which JD is using to empower other partners, online or offline.


The pharmaceutical tracking technology looks to address several issues that people in China regularly face when it comes to prescription medications. Chief among these is the fact that many are concerned with the authenticity of medicines that are delivered; the “JD Medicine Open Tracing Solution” looks to fix this by making the delivery process more reliable and much more transparent. However, has noted that the technology won’t just focus on the delivery aspect of these pharmaceuticals. Because of the retail giant’s extensive partnerships across the county, the program will be able to track the medical application, transportation, storage and sales of drugs, as well as the overall production of these drugs.


That doesn’t mean that tracking them needs to be so confusing or complex for’s customers. On the contrary, has ensured that the user interface is friendly and easy to use as possible. On top of this, it has been noted that the JD Medicine Open Tracing Solution uses IoT solutions to improve data collection efficiency. With that in mind, the company will be able to more reliably track each of these medicines from production to eventual delivery. Pharmaceutical drugs are something that has been the focus of a considerable amount of attention in China in recent years.  Refer to This Article for related information.


This is because of a few different incidents when it comes to the likes of substandard products, especially when it comes to vaccines. With this innovative approach, however, Jingdong is looking to solve many of these issues.


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The Story Of How Richard Liu Qiangdong Changed China’s Shopping Landscape is now the biggest e-commerce company in China and probably one in the whole world. It was valued in early 2018 for $12 billion and became one of the first Chinese companies that successfully joined NASDAQ. CEO and founder Richard Liu Qiangdong built the company from scratch with is an innovative mind and the passion to change the shopping landscape of China. Here’s how Richard Liu started his journey as China’s e-Commerce King.


Richard Liu Qiangdong was born in the Jiangsu province to a coal-shipping couple. His parents encouraged him to study and get a degree because they believe that’s what’s going to make him successful someday. Because of this mindset, Richard Liu finished Sociology at Renmin University. During his academic days, he also taught himself things related to computer science.


The first step in Richard Liu Qiangdong’s professional career is the job that he got from Japan Life, a provider of natural supplement. He became the Director of Computers thanks to the skills that he got from learning computer science lessons. However, Liu Qiangdong’s entrepreneurial calling was strong, so he decided to leave the company and create his own business. Within a year, the brick-and-mortar store Jingdong was born. He sold computer parts and other electronic products, emphasizing quality and avoiding counterfeit products.


After five years, Jingdong’s reputation for selling original items paid off and it became a highly profitable chain with 12 branches nationwide. Richard Liu Qiangdong’s investment paid off and the business was profitable. But because of the 2003 SARS outbreak, Richard Liu decided to close the stores in order to protect the health of his employees and started selling online using his platform. He sold his products both through online and offline means. After two years, since the online purchase produced more satisfied customers and saved a lot of costs, he decided to just stick to online selling and named his platform 360 Buy Jingdong.


With the success of his platform, a lot of new businesses notices the possibility of collaboration. Richard Liu saw it too and offered a partnership with new business owners. Because of this, more products are now available online, and more people are buying because of more diversified products. This is where Richard Liu decided to change the site into, the shop that is known in whole China today. View Related Info Here.


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What You Need to Know About Boraie development

Boraie development is diversified real estate company. The company will engage in a variety of components related to real estate.

So what is it that Boraie development does?

Well, let us find out.

Real Estate Development

Boraie development will engage in real estate development. This means that the company will construct a specific vision for the area and then will work hard to employ their vision over the course a set time-frame. Boraie Development will rely on their own capital , on their own designs and on their own strategies to execute a profitable enterprise.

They know that they can rely on one specific company, themselves, to stick through the thick and the thin parts of the economy. The company has been around for 30 years and is quite likely to stick around for a much longer period of time. They are one of the most sought after developers in the New Jersey area and will certainly be in demand for years to come.

The company will use a mixture of their own capital with the capital provided by large commercial banks to be productive and to make a profit. The firm is interested in sticking around for the long haul and have proven themselves so far.

Find out more about Boraie: